Launching and growing your hire business can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. Thankfully, dedicated hire management software, like Hire-X, can make the job much easier.

In this post, we’ll show you five key areas in which Hire-X can help grow your online hire business.

Manage Your Customer Relationships

Growing your hire business means providing your customers with excellent customer service. Thankfully, this is easy with the built-in CRM features of Hire-X.

Having the ability to quickly respond to your customer’s inquiry is critical if you want your business to grow. No-one likes asking a question about a product and waiting days and days before hearing anything back.

With Hire-X, whenever someone asks a question, or requests to hire a piece of equipment on your online Webshop, you’ll receive a text message and an email with all the details you need to action it straight away.

Inquiries are also prominently visible on your Webshop dashboard when you log in, so you’ll never miss them.

To speed up responding to your customers, you can also create email templates that include standard content, such as your opening hours, pickup and delivery details, or even product specifications.

Create Quotes and Orders

Projecting a professional appearance is important when growing your business. Writing quotes on random scrapes of paper or in dodgy ‘Receipt’ books does nothing to instil confidence in your prospective customers.

With Hire-X, you can quickly and easily create professional quote and order documents and have them delivered directly to your customer’s email inbox.

You can attach documents related to a quote or order, such as purchase orders from your customer, so that everything is in one place and nothing gets lost.

In addition, you can record important information about the order, such as the payment and invoice details, to make sure you’re getting paid for your hires.

Manage Your Tasks

Task management for a small business can be a real pain. Keeping track of what needs to be done to keep the lights on can have you pulling your hair out.

Thankfully Hire-X has you covered, with integrated task management features that make it easy to record and track your team’s tasks.

Your sales calls, operational tasks and marketing activities can all be created and monitored straight from your Hire-X Webshop Dashboard.

Protect Your Assets

You’ve spent a lot on money building your inventory of assets, whether it be a fleet of trailers, shelves of electrical equipment or a warehouse full of everything anyone could ever need for parties and events. Ensuring that you reduce the risk of loss or damage to your assets is one of the most important aspects of running a successful hire business.

Hire-X enables you to create a Hire Agreement for every hire, that can be used to set out your terms and conditions of hire. You can cover things such as your cancellation policy, terms of use and the obligations of the customer.

Hire-X provides you with a default Hire Agreement, which should be appropriate for most hire companies, but if it doesn’t suit, you can upload your own terms and conditions.

You can also opt to have customers accept the terms and conditions online, prior to the hire commencing, and their details will be recorded along with the date and time they accepted the conditions.

Follow Sales Leads

Inbound sales leads, such as those originating from your Hire-X Webshop, social media accounts, email or telephone are an important source of new business. All of these tasks can easily be managed using Hire-X, but what about people who have hired from you in the past?

Without dedicated hire management software, it becomes impossible to see who requested a quote, but didn’t proceed with the hire, or who hired from you in the past, but hasn’t been in contact for the last year.

Hire-X enables you to plan outbound sales activities to reconnect with these customers. You could create a targeted list of prospects for an email campaign announcing your latest products, or schedule phone calls for your sales team.