Use Hire-X to take care of invoicing and with the handy Xero integration, you can keep on top of your accounting needs. Take payments online, with the integrated payment system, record cash payments, invoice on completion of hire and more! You can easily accept orders or send quotes to your customers in seconds with the handy email integration.


Clever integration features

Looking for payment gateway and account system capabilities? Hire-X allows full integration with Stripe and Xero platforms.

Seamlessly link to your accounting system

Hire-X enables you to create invoices in Xero directly from your orders screen. Choose to create an invoice for the full or partial amount of the order, giving you the flexibility to run your hire business any way you like.

Process payments online

Connect your Stripe account to Hire-X and take credit card payments online. You can process payments for the whole order value, or for a partial amount, such as a deposit or bond.

Manage bond refunds

If you charge a bond or security deposits, you can refund this at the conclusion of the hire. You can also deduct any additional charges from the bond, such as late fees and charges for damages before refunding the remainder.