Skip bins are everywhere. From construction sites, home renovations to general waste removal, it seems the everywhere you look there’s a min-skip, or skip bin. It’s not surprising then that in Australia, the skip bin rental market is worth $3-billion.

Market leaders such as Veolia Environmental Services, Cleanaway Waste Management and J.J. Richards & Sons take a chunk of this amount with commercial waste removal contracts. There is, however, still plenty of room for local operators, who provide services to small business and households.

Using Hire-X for Your Skip Bin Hire Business

Hire-X is the perfect hire management software for your skip bin rental business. It has all the features you need to launch, grow and manage your skip bin and mini-skip hire business online.

Free Website Hosting

Stop paying for website hosting when you don’t need it. Your Hire-X webshop is your ready-to-use eCommerce website. You can customise the look and feel, add information about your company and even link your current domain name.

Online Bookings and Enquiries

Enabling your customers to book your bins online not only makes it easy for them, but removes the administrative overhead of answering countless phone calls and replying to endless emails.

Check Bin Availability

Hire-X will check the availability of the selected bin size for the desired date range while your customer is browsing your webshop. They’ll receive a message saying ‘This item may not be available on these dates’. They have the option to choose other dates, choose another bin size, or contact you for an alternative.

Easily Manage Your Deliveries

With a powerful task management tool built-in, you can easily schedule your deliveries and pick-ups. You can assign deliveries to different drivers, have them attach photos and record important details, such as waste disposal fees, all on their mobile or tablet. This way you’ll never miss an important delivery and ensure you keep your customers happy, plus you maximise the revenue from each and every skip bin you rent out.

Offer Tiered Pricing

With Hire-X you can offer your customers discounted prices based on the duration of their hire. Tiered pricing for your skip bins enables you to set different rates for the following periods of time:

  • Day (1-6 Days)
  • Week (7-13 Days)
  • Fortnight (14-29 Days)
  • Month (30-89 Days)
  • 3-Month (90+ Days)

Set Pricing Options

We know that daily pricing is not suitable for every company, that’s why Hire-X offers the option to set specific hire periods. If you base your pricing on weekly blocks you can configure Hire-X to display pricing based on a 7-day period, rather than a daily rate.

Order Calendar

In addition to checking the availability of your mini skip, or skip bins before a customer places an order, Hire-X lets you see all your upcoming orders on the handy calendar. You can also see the status of upcoming orders using the colour-coded event blocks.

We’re Here to Help

Still not sure how Hire-X software can help your skip bin hire business? Why not contact us for a free demo, where we’ll show you all the features and explain just how easy it is to grow your hire business.

Common Products and Services

  • Walk-in skip bins
  • Mini-skips and marrell bins
  • Mobile skips and skip bags
  • Bins and waste services
  • Skip bin rental services
  • Skip bin delivery and removal services