Hire-X enables you to create and use email templates when contacting your customers. These templates are great for quickly sending standard emails, such as details about a quote, order confirmation documents and even responses to common questions, such as you opening hours and delivery instructions. Basically, if you have an email that you write all the time, it’s a candidate for a template.

The create a template follow these steps:

  1. From your webshop portal, select the Templates option from the menu on the left.
  2. Give your template a name – this should be something that help you identify the template when you need to select it.
  3. Enter the subject of the email (this is displayed to the customer)
  4. Use the text editor to create the body of the email.

Using the text editor is fairly straight forward. You can choose from a number of basic formatting tools, such as bold text and numbered lists. You can also add links to resources on the web, such as product information.

At the bottom of the text editor are a number of smart tags that you can insert into the email. These will be replaced with the appropriate value from the customer or order you are sending the email from. There are two types of smart tags. The first group apply to email sent from a customer or from an order, while the second group only apply to emails sent from an order.

Check out the FAQ How do I use an email template for more information about using templates to speed up your order process.